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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Seven Reasons to Visit Omis

There are so many fascinating destinations on the Dalmatian coast to discover, that is can be a difficult choice to find the right one. One destination with plenty to offer for a very varied holiday is the town of Omis. Here are seven great reasons why Omis is worth looking into for every kind of holiday - family, activity, history or pure relaxation.

1. Pirates!

Omis has a rich pirate history, and the region was under constant attack from the Ottomans. The Cetina gorge was a favourite hiding point, and the legends of the Omis Pirates are very much alive today. So much so that there is the annual Omis Pirate Night during the Omis cultural festival, where legendary battles are recreated and the whole town descends into one big party. The most famous pirate of them all, Johnny Depp, was invited to come to last year's festival. He couldn't make it then, but this year - who knows?

The most important date for your pirate diaries every year is August 18, when the 13th century pirate battles are reconstructed in the town harbour - a true spectacle and fun for all the family.

2. Dinosaurs!

There is plenty of ancient heritage to discover in Dalamtia, but for a sense of the oldest heritage of all - and for fun for all the family - head over to Dino Park, the first theme park on the Adriatic, with dinosaur attractions aplenty.

3. Rafting

Omis is gateway to the mighty Cetina river, and the Cetina means... rafting! One of the most popular adrenaline days out in Dalmatia.

4. Fotresses

If adrenaline is not your thing, there is plenty more to discover up the Cetina, starting from Omis. The river's mountainsides are full of fortresses which pay testament to the brutal history and legends of the region. To learn more about the legends and fortresses of the Cetina, click here.

5. Beaches

The Dalmatian coastline is one big beach opportunity, and the 35 kilometres of the Omis Riviera is no exception. Get away from the crowds and discover quaint old fishing villages and your own private spot. From accessible family beaches to something more secluded, there is plenty to choose from, and if activity sports are your thing, activities such as windsurfing are available.

6. Omis Dalmatian Klapa Festival

If you are a fan of traditional Dalmatian music, head for Omis for the famous Dalmatian Klapa Festival which has been taking place since 1967. It has become the central point of Dalmatia's rich klapa heritage, and the festival is growing in importance and reputation every year. 

To visit Dalmatia without experiencing the soul of the region through the excellent performances of the various klapa groups would be to miss out of one of its essential ingredients.

7. Free climbing and trekking

As if the activities on the Adriatic and challenges of the Cetina river were not enough for the the active tourist, Omis an excellent base for trekking and climbing, discovering the stunning mountains which surrouns the town. It is one of the premier destinations for free climbing in the region. 

For more information about the rich tourist offer of Omis, visit the official tourist board website.  

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