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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Olympic Gold Medallist to Swim in Faros Marathon in Stari Grad

One of Dalamtia's most challenging and internationally recognised sporting events takes place on the island of Hvar on Saturday August 31, when the 38th Faros Marathon will be once again hosted by the town of Stari Grad. 

The marathon, a 16 km swimathon from Croatia's oldest town to the tip of the Kabal Peninsula and back, is one of the world's most challenging races, and continues to attract some big names to take part. This year's field has been boosted with the confirmation that reigning Olympic champion Oussana Mellouli will be taking part. 

The race itself starts at 08:00 from the harbour by the courthouse, with the first swimmers returning some time after 11:00. Learn more about one of Dalamtia's most important sporting traditions on the official website, or take a tour of the day in the video below.  

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