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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Pristine Adriatic: A Dolphin Playground

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One of the great attractions of a holiday to Central Dalmatia is the inviting Adriatic Sea. With beaches galore and some of the cleanest water in the world, pictures of the Dalmatian coast circulate the globe on Facebook during the winter as people long for their Croatian summer paradise.

Dalmatia's clean seas are not just the preserve of visiting tourists, however, and the region has a rich marine life. The increasingly rare Mediterranean monk seal was spotted between Vis and Hvar last year, and one of the delights of a holiday for many is seeing dolphins playing in the sea.

Not only is it a relatively common sight (so keep your eyes peeled on those tourist boats...), but the friendly creatures often like to play with boats in the area, swimming and jumping alongside before diving underneath and appearing on the other side. Here is a great example of one such occurrence last week in the Scedro Channel, south of Hvar.

For a different and more tranquil scene, early morning is often the time to catch dolphins gently playing in the sea, as in this very tranquil piece of filming off eastern Hvar last year.

So keep your eyes peeled when swimming in the gorgeously azure Adriatic - you never know who may come and play... 

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