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Friday, May 10, 2013

The Wines of Dalmatia: An Extraordinary Choice of Indigenous Grapes

Croatia has a range of high quality wines which are slowly attracting international attention. The global wine market is increasingly competitive, and in order to compete, Croatia has to offer quality and a little something extra.

One thing which is exciting wine enthusiasts about the wines in the region is the sheer diversity of indigenous grapes - some 130 in all - and the unusual and highly unique wines that these grape varieties produce. Coupled with the successful cultivation of more internationally recognised varieties such as merlot and chardonnay, it is an exciting time to discover the wines of Croatia, with Dalmatia very much among the leading wine regions.

The recent Dalmacija Wine Expo in Makarska was the latest opportunity to showcase the quality produced in Dalmatia, as well as a chance for visitors to see the diversity of the grapes on offer. Many thanks to Zdravko Podolski for this excellent video tour os some of the indigenous grape varieties on show.

A group of 17 wine journalists travelled to Hvar the day after the fair as guests of the Hvar Wine Association, a successful day you can read about here

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