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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Adventure Dalmatia: Take Part in the Cetina Adventure Race

Dalmatia is an adventure sporting paradise. With the Adriatic Sea, mighty Cetina River, moutains and wide open spaces, there is plenty to choose from for the adrenaline rush.

With not pit your body against the ultimate challenge - the third Cetina Adventure Race on June 8? In the words of the excellent Sinj Tourist Board:


The starting point of the race is near the Youth Centre in Sinj (disco club Piccadilly) at 06:00, and the deadline to finish is at 19:00 also near the Youth Centre. So you have a total of 13 hours to finish the 3rd Cetina Adventure race. The race will start with the MTB - around 50 km, and after MTB's comes kayaking - around 18 km, after the kayakimg comes trekking - around 26th km and the last discipline is canyoning - around 6 km.

The path is very interesting and not too challenging, but very long, checkpoints are plotted in the 5 topographic maps that you will receive during the briefing on the Friday June 7 at 19:00 (the exact meeting location will be announced by our administrator on the Facebook Cetina Adventure).

At the briefing, you will receive T-shirts, team numbers and maps and directions. A race director will explain in detail everything about the race and behaviour during the race. The race has a total of 7 control points, on each of them live controls will await you with water, juice, food, etc.

On the checkpoint where you leave your bikes do not worry because we have organized transportation of your bikes to the finishing line where they will wait for you.

During the race you will have a task that is secret until the briefing day and all teams have to perform it.

Regarding kayaking, you will have identical boats with equipment (paddles and vests) and they are all the same except for two or three - difference in color.

Through canyoning is prohibited to jump, competitors will have the opportunity to go down in a diaper like last year or to bring their own belts and descend by abseil - it is your decision.

Competitors are required to have mandatory equipment: (equipment will be controlled at the start of the race)

1 MTB for both parties, if someone can not get mountain bike can ride a bike trek. (Max. 1 per team) with min tread width 2.0 and the largest distance is 30 meters between competitors in the same team. Racing bike is forbidden.

2 Headlamp or hand lamp that works correctly

3 First aid, min 1 per team, or at least patch and one compression bandage if you do not have pack of hiking first aid.

4 Map of the race with instructions.

5 Helmets (which you will get at the start) you should have it during cycling, kayak and canyoning. Please return it after the race.

6 Spare shoes "who wants to" after the canyoning. "

Mob: +385 98 601 533 (Petar Mandac)
Date: 08 Jun 2013

One team consists of two people.

For a taster of what is in store, check out last year's event in the video below.

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