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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Planning a Dalmatian Beach Holiday: Check the Sea Temperature Online

With swimming in the sea and lying on the beach an integral part of most holidays to Dalmatia, it would be useful to know the sea and air temperatures for your proposed stay. Additional information about facilities available at each beach, and an aerial map which you could zoom in and out to check the local area, would also be welcome.

You can have all this and more, with an excellent service provided by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, which monitors the conditions of many of Croatia's beaches throughout the season, including several in Split.

Ministry officials visit the beaches every fortnight from May to September, and record information about the beach's cleanliness and condition, as well as the air and sea temperature. All these results are posted online integrated into a map which you can use to search for your ideal beach in Dalmatia.

So what are you waiting for? Get surfing and check out the sea temperatures from May to September 2012, as a guide to what awaits you for your 2013 holiday. Click here!

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