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Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Undiscovered Dalmatian Hinterland: Visit Vrlika

Just 44 miles north of Split lies the pretty and peaceful town of Vrlika, as different to the bustling Dalmatian capital as is imaginable, and one more example of the diversity and richness of the choices on offer to holidaymakers coming to Central Dalmatia.

Situated an hour's drive north of Split on the old road to Zagreb, Vrlika is an ideal day trip to escape the crowds and get a taste of the real Dalmatian hinterland, while enjoying some of its breathtaking scenery.

With less than 1000 people live in Vrlika today, the town has extraordinary heritage, with evidence of human habitation dating back some 30,000 years. First mentioned in written records in 1069, Vrlika has had a turbulent history, with much of it under occupation by, among others, the Ottomans and Venetians, and its proximity to the source of the Cetina and its fortresses is one of the nearby heritage attractions. Don't miss also the oldest bell tower in Croatia, dating back to the ninth century.

Vrlika is famous for its traditional costumes, which are regarded as among the top ethnographical treasures in the country, and the local population do not need much of an excuse to get dressed up. For an additional treat, check out the traditional dance and music provided by the Vrlicko Kolo - see the video below for an example.

It is impossible to escape the natural beauties and adventure tourism opportunities in and around Vrlika. Nearby Perucko Lake, gateway to the mighty Cetina, for example, is a natural paradise, and an ideal destination for various water sports such as rowing and sailing, as well as fishing, while the wide open spaces and mountainous terrain bring their own activity possibilities.

And all this just 44 miles from Split... To learn more about Vrlika, visit the town's website here

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